They're not just the way we do business, they're how we do life.

Our four core values drive our daily decisions and epitomize who we are as a company and as people. Just working day in and day out to do business — and life — the right way.

With a focus on teamwork, quality craftsmanship, entrepreneurial spirit, and, above all else, integrity, our values remain at the core of who we are, and who we have been from day one. No doubt, they’re the reason behind our past successes and will continue to shape our vision for sustained success in the future.

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Integrity is our cornerstone.
We believe integrity is everything. It drives our every decision. Simply put, we do what we say and say what we do.
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We embrace teamwork while respecting the individual.

Grounded in respect for each individual, our talents and results as a team become more than any of us could ever accomplish alone.

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We take pride in our craft, ensuring quality, safety, and value on every job.

Proud of our commitment to quality, professionalism, craftsmanship, and safety, we work hard to exceed our client’s expectations.

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We believe in the power of our entrepreneurial spirit.

Turning visions into reality — that's how we unlock the inner entrepreneur in each and every one of us. Because when there's a will, there's a way.

Living the Values Program

Our core values, woven into all we do, have become the fabric of who we are as a company, the way we do business, and how we interact with one another and with clients. Nominated by their peers, the annual Living the Values awards honor those who embody these principles and carry out our vision for continued success.

award winners


Jerry Williams – MMC Contractors - Nebraska

While Jerry Williams demonstrates integrity in his daily work, he really showcases his commitment when he lets down barriers and connects with others. This year, Jerry helped facilitate an educational tour of our company to a group of at-risk students. In addition to the practical demonstrations and discussions of the opportunities available to them, Jerry opened up about his own path. From overcoming life challenges and struggles, he has made himself into a self-built professional. Not only does Jerry offer the work ethic and expertise that we value at our company, but he brings the right attitude and commitment. He was able to convey that importance to this group by telling an emotional and difficult story to positively impact the at-risk teens.


Eric Bebermeyer – MW Builders

Eric Bebermeyer is a valued member of his team, evidenced by the multiple nom­inations received for the Teamwork award. On and off the jobsite, at and away from work, Eric demonstrates what being a true team player is all about. When a cowork­er dealt with a family medical diagnosis, Eric stepped up and offered support, which allowed his teammate the chance to focus on his family. Additionally, on a multifamily project that was running tight on the schedule, Eric jumped in and did whatever it took to finish before tenants moved in and ultimately made a positive impression on the client. Eric is more than just a positive force among teammates, he brings that dedication to each project he is a part of.


John Wilkins – MMC Contractors - Kansas City

Quality craftsmanship goes beyond being an expert in your field, and John Wilkins has demonstrated the technical expertise and communication skills that it takes to be a leader. After spending a month on the East Coast, working weekends and night shifts, he was able to mend a part­ner relationship and get a project back on the right path. He understands that quali­ty craftsmanship goes beyond the jobsite and is essential to building relationships with partners. He has always been a men­tor to his team and led by example, shar­ing his dedication and knowledge for his craft with others. With his attention to de­tail, follow through, and hard work, he dis­plays his quality craftsmanship in all that he does.


Matthew Marks – Countywide Mechanical Systems

Matthew Marks made a shift in his career from Project Engineer to Safety Special­ist, but despite his new role and respon­sibilities, when Matthew learned of a challenge at his past jobsite, he adjusted his priorities to see the job to full com­pletion. He went the extra mile in pursuit of the ultimate goal – customer satisfac­tion. These efforts to see the warranty through, even after his responsibilities to the job had ended, saved time and money on the project. It also ensured the correctional facility endured only mi­nor disruptions. Most importantly, the client was beyond satisfied and praised Matthew and the team for the ingenuity and creative thinking. His entrepreneur­ial spirit ensured a successful project and satisfied customer.

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